ADDIPLAST is an independent french family company established in 1986 with an annual production capacity of 22 000 Tons per year. More than 40% of the production is sold through exports thanks to its distribution network in Asia, Africa and its trade subsidiary Addiplast Sro in Middle East Europe.

pièce addiplastPièce addiplast



ADDIPLAST is specialised in formulation, flame retardant and pre coloured compound based on prime quality polypropylene, polycarbonate and polyamide. Brand names are ADDILENE, ADDINYL, ADDIFLAM, ADDITER, ADDITEC & ADDIBIO RENEW.

ADDIPLAST is an expertise centre equipped with:

  • A modern extrusion plan (twin screw extrusion line) which enables a production capacity of 22,000 tons/year (Saint Pal-de-Mons, France).
  • A laboratory specialised in coloration
  • A research & development centre equipped with laboratory extrusion lines and sophisticated analysis methods.

Pièce addiplasypièce addiplast

The know how company is recognized by all international OEM’s in the automotive market, domestic appliance, electro-technical, cosmetics, medical and consumer goods industries.

ADDIPLAST is certified ISO 14001 since 2001 & ISO TS 16949 since 2004

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