JET METAL Technologies

Jet Metal Technologies developed an innovative, green and cost-efficient alternative for existing metallization processes like PVD, evaporation or electroplating.

Image 1 - Jet Métal

Two aqueous solutions, an oxidant (containing the metal salt) and a reducer are sprayed simultaneously, with regular painting equipment, onto the substrate and immediately forms a metal
layer. Metals like Ag, Ni, ... can be easily deposited on all types of substrates (glass, metals, metal alloys, plastics, composites, ...) basically independently
of the size and shape (small or big / complex or simple).

The technology is being used in decorative applications (cosmetic/spirit bottles, automotive, ...) and functional applications (anti-bacterial, EMI shielding, intermediate conductive layers, ...) in different industrial sectors.


Image 2 - Jet Métal
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