OLNICA is a French company designing, creating and producing Anti-counterfeiting taggants with Unique properties. 
Our patented technology offer Multilevel security features in a single crystal intrinsically (Security Covert Level 2, 3 & 4) and can be integrated in most of substrates (Foils, Inks, Pulp, Plastics, transparent films...).  Our level 2 is UV selective, Authentication (level 3) can be achieved with automatic readers, while our forensic (level 4) is always there : Molecular DNA®


To give you further details on our working concentration please see under : 

  • Full matter Tagging (Plastic / Paper) : from 20ppm till 700ppm in the final product 
  • Coatings Tagging (Inks, Varnish, Adhesives) : from 1000ppm till 3%

Process Temperature : Till 500°C


Our taggants are used for 2 main application : 

  • Security / Anticounterfeiting 
  • Quantitative / Qualitative controls : Able to measure concentration and dilution of materials.

We supply the taggants, we offer the integration into your process, and we supply the detection tools and training to your dedicated teams.

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