Treffert S.A.S. develops tailor-made solutions in the field of colour and additives for every industry processing thermoplastics.

Long specialised in technical and complex colorations of thermoplastics, Treffert has acquiredknow-how in many fields related to colour. Itsaccurate knowledge of the optical properties of colorants and additives in a wide spectrum allows the company to develop optimalmaterialcouplesfor laser weldingand materials for a high-contrast lasermarking. In another optical area, Treffert offers the possibility to filter undesirable radiations of the luminousspectrum. Following the growing use of LEDs, it proposes now its light diffusion technologies.

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Coloration is Treffert's main initial expertise, which the company combines with additives in order to improve physical and chemical properties of plastic parts. Among these: UV stabilisers, antioxidants or antistatic agents. These antistatic agents can be temporary or permanent, black or colourless.

A few years ago,Treffert started to study the different available biomaterials and their transformation processes as well as a wide panel of biobased pigments. It is todayin a position to offer specific masterbatches for biodegradable applications.

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